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Monday, January 3, 2011

Yay!!! 11:00 Church...

Well, I was wondering how it'd go on the new schedule. I really do enjoy the 9:00 church time, but was hoping having a little more morning relax time would help the kids be happy at church. We actually made it there on time. That rarely happens, so that was a plus!

I was mostly worried about Sadie since she would usually have her meltdown about 20 minutes into Sacrament meeting. That was around 11:15. I was prepared for a fight going to nursery. Nope, she waltzed right in all ready to play. Phew. I expected the normal freak-out during sacrament. Nope, made it almost to the very end.......just 5 minutes to go.........

Then, she sneakily escaped and found herself up on the stand as a man was bearing his testimony. The congregation laughed as she made faces next to him. Then I realized she was up there and could feel my face burning. I looked at Gary and mouthed to "get up there and get her!!!" As soon as Sadie saw Daddy heading towards her she bolted past the bishopric and ran into the choir seats. Gary decided it wasn't worth the goose chase that would definitely follow, so he walked back to our seat leaving Sadie to explore the cool choir chairs that flip up and down. She was hidden by the piano, so all I could see was her legs. I figured this was better than Gary running around trying to tackle her, and she didn't seem to be distracting anyone so I just kept my eye on her hoping we would make it through this last testimony without any huge embarrassments. As soon as the 1st counselor announced the closing hymn, Sadie took this as her cue to play the piano. Gary was almost up to her when she found her seat and began playing, no pounding, on the piano keys. Luckily she only got 2 good hits in before he snatched her, screaming like a banshee, and took her outside. I can only imagine how red my face was as I laugh/cried with my head hidden.

I'm glad I have an awesome ward, because pretty much everyone let me know how funny that was and had stories to share of their own kids' past misbehaviors. I even got a text from our neighbor who is in the singles ward letting me know his ward would appreciate Sadie's piano solo and asked when she was available.

Way to ring in the new year! Glad I have a testimony that the church is true, or I'd likely be too embarrassed to go back!


Char said...

Oh, I feel for ya. And I'm impressed on how well you handled the fun. Lovely, in my opinion!

The Archibalds said...

How funny! Sorry I missed it!

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